Top Benefits of Same Day Dry Cleaning Service in Newark NJ

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Do you want to keep your clothes looking their best? This is where are professional dry cleaner can be your clothes best friend. When you wash clothes in a washing machine with water, the same water and detergents that you use to clean the clothes can and do cause the fabrics to break down, as well as can result in color fading over time.

With a professional organic dry cleaner, the solvents and stain removers we use are tough on dirt but designed to keep your fabrics and colors looking as good as the day you bought them. Using a professional organic dry cleaner is especially important for delicate, expensive clothes or even your favorite tee shirts and jeans that you want to keep in pristine condition.

Here are the best benefits of bringing your clothes to a professional organic same day dry cleaner in Newark, NJ!

Eliminate Stains from Clothes

Delicate clothes require special attention! The professional dry cleaners use the correct technique and treatments to eliminate the stains while preserving the cloth quality. The expert dry cleaners can remove the stubborn stains from your valuable and delicate clothes, without damaging them.

Better Than Conventional Washing

Dry cleaning is about keeping the fabrics looking their best! Compared to conventional washing methods, professional dry cleaning techniques keep the fabrics looking and feeling their best for a lot longer! The dry cleaning chemicals and techniques prove the best for maintaining the look and feel of the garments.


Cleaning your best and expensive clothes at a professional organic dry cleaner is a hassle free experience as you drop them off knowing that you will get a clean, well pressed garment back without having to worry about the time, effort even possibly damaging your favorite shirt in the process.

Preserve Your Best Garments

Did you ever try to wash one of your delicate items only to see it lose its shape and feel? Cleaning at home can ruin your delicate and valuable garments! It’s important that the first thing you do is read the care tag, if it says dry clean recommended, it’s probably best you leave it to the professionals. Even some garments that say to wash on gentle can be prone to shrinking or damage when washed using conventional methods.

Improves the Longevity of Your Garment

Dry cleaning uses organic solvents that are gentle on the fabrics to ensure the best results for your finest garments. The professional dry cleaners in Newark, NJ, clean and press your garment so your clothes and you look your best.

Timely Pickup and Delivery Services

Being one of the largest dry cleaners in Northern NJ, we can ensure your clothes are ready when you want and need them. We even offer expedited service, which can get them turned around in as little as 2 hours. We offer pick-up and delivery service for many towns around Northern NJ. When you drop your clothes off in our store, we will send you a text receipt of what you dropped off with a pick-up date and time. We will also notify you with a text message when your clothes are ready for pick-up. This not only ensures your clothes look great but frees you up to go do other things.

Rely on our Professional Attention to detail for all of your favorite garments!

For professional organic same day dry cleaning service in and around Newark, NJ, rely on Value Act Cleaners! We aim to provide the highest quality dry cleaning service at a very affordable price. Our team of experts at Value Act Cleaners will treat your favorite garments like our own. At Value Act Cleaners we use only the best organic environmentally-friendly, cleaning techniques and treatments!

Call us at 973-337-1161 or schedule using our online pick-up and delivery service today!

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