Value Act Cleaners Pickup and Delivery has expanded our service area!
Contact us now using the button below to schedule your pick-up.


Book Online Pickup

How it works

Basically, click on Book Online Pickup Icon. Then register and setup your account.
After that select your pick-up date and time. Our driver picks up your garments and brings them to our facility for cleaning.
Finally clean Garments will be returned to you on scheduled day.

Our Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Premium Care and Handling
  • Detailed Clothing Inspection with Pretreatments
  • Finest Organic Cleaning Solvents
  • Free Pickup and Delivery* (select in locations)
  • Broken Button Replacement and Tightening

Please Note*

Please note that Value Act Cleaners as a mobile pick up and delivery service, items are not counted at the time of Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service and are logged in at our facility. As such our internal count is determined to be the accepted and final item count. Value Act Cleaners will not be held liable for any items claimed sent, missing or damaged. Value Act Cleaners is not responsible for any item claimed lost or stolen from designated drop off or delivery areas. At Value Act Cleaners you have the ability to track all activity online or with your Smartphone by logging into your account with your email address and password. If you do not have an email address and password setup and would like to receive pick up and delivery as well as item and payment notifications. Please contact us by clicking here and we will be happy to assist you. Value Act Cleaners liability with respect to any lost or damaged article shall not exceed 10 times our charge for processing that item. So, just give us a call right now and experience a better service!!!

Dry Cleaning Service Kearny and Harrison NJ